ADP-01 Adattatore per ESP-01 - OLD VERSION


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Since many electronics devices work with voltage of 5 V, but ESP8266 works at 3.3V, this breadboard adapter, called ADP-01, permits to power the WiFi module with 5 V.

This adapter permits also the module to be plugged into a breadboard.

The adapter also embeds some pull-up resistors for the GPIO0 and GPIO2 lines so that no other external components are required to power up the module in the firmware "RUN" mode.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of many capacitors, the possibility to see the unwanted reset (problem which affects the ESP modules) is widely reduced.

Note: to avoid the over-heating of the 3.3V voltage regulator on board, should be used with a 5V power source (with at least 300 mA current source capabilities).

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